DUE TO SHIPPING ISSUES WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO SUPPLY OUR RAW DOUGH AS WE CAN NOT HAVE YOUR PRODUCT SITTING IN DISTRIBUTION CENTRES FOR SOMETIMES A COUPLE OF WEEKS.  NEVER FEAR, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY PURCHASING OR PREODERING OUR DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS AND BAKED RANGE. Remember when mum used to make cookie dough and the best part was always licking the spoon? Raw edible cookie dough is designed to eat straight from the tub or mix through ice cream.  Our edible cookie dough contains no eggs and we heat activate our flour to make is safe to eat by the spoon. We even have gluten free and vegan options to satisfy all cookie dough cravings. 





Available in the following flavours:
milk chocolate edible cookie dough
malteaser edible cookie dough
m and m edible cookie dough

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Raw Edible Cookie Dough




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