Frequently asked questions

Can I eat the cookie dough Bake Me range before I bake it?

We know that their are a few weirdoughs amongst us that LOVE to eat cookie dough raw. This is why we have created two different cookie dough ranges. Our BAKE ME cookie dough range has been created to bake the perfect homemade cookies. This range contains eggs and for that reason the BAKE ME range needs to be baked before consuming. For those weirdoughs amongst us that do like to eat raw dough, we have created the EAT ME range. This range has been produced with heat treated flour and no eggs so it is perfectly ok to eat raw.

Does the cookie dough need to be refridgerated?

Both the BAKE ME and EAT ME cookie dough ranges are best kept refridgerated and for this reason when you purchase our cookie dough online it is delievered frozen and in speciality climate control packaging to keep it cool.

Do you make a gluten free cookie dough?

YES!!! We currently have 4 cookie dough flavours that are gluten free in our BAKE ME range. But along with this you can also purchase our delicous gluten banana bread ranges and our gluten free christmas puddings.

Do you make a vegan cookies or cookie dough?

We are currently in the process of working on a NEW delicous VEGAN range so stay tuned and we will dough it for you.

Can I freeze my cookie dough?

Absolutely. Freeze our cookie dough to extend its lifetime which allows you to buy in bulk and save on delievery fees.



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