Cookies and co is a gourmet producer of bake me cookie dough, edible cookie dough and baked cookies including a gluten free range.

Cookies and co started their love for all things cookies over 10 years ago when Danielle, the creative cookie of the business, decided to formulate a bake at home dough that would allow even the busiest bees to bake all natural homemade cookies without all of the mess and fuss. 


Cookies & Co was originally born, Baked by Mum, when Danielle was working in the retail market with two young children and felt she was missing out on special moments with the kids.  Maybe she had watched one to many 50's sitcoms when she was growing up but she truly enjoyed that time baking fresh products with her children and working long hours made that nearly impossible.  She decided that if she was feeling this rushed and missing out on these moments with her children that other people must have been as well. 


Hence Baked by Mum cookie dough was created.  A leap of faith was taken and she produced enough cookies and cookie dough to attend her first farmers market on a Saturday in November and resigned from her job on the following Monday to focus on bringing cookies to the masses.


Over the years Baked by Mum went from strength to strength selling cookie dough through cookie dough fundraising, attending farmers markets, gourmet markets and designer markets nationally as well as selling their cookie dough and cookies to various cafes and supermarkets throughout Victoria, until eventually opening the first cookie dough cafe in Victoria, located in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula.  Thus Cookies & Co was created.  


Through the many years of selling our products at markets and having that direct contact and feedback with customers we very quickly discovered that many of our customers wanted to eat our cookie dough raw rather than baking it.  Time after time we would explain that our product needed to be baked as it contained raw eggs and was therefore not suitable to eat raw, so the creative cookie put her thinking cap on and developed a third range to cookies and co in the form of edible cookie dough.


This has proven to be a huge success and can be purchased online and delivered direct to your door along with our other bake me cookie dough range and eat me cookie range.


  Or come down to Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula and experience Victoria's first cookie dough cafe for yourself.



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